• That’s it. Period.

    YKLS Period Square Crop

    It’s Friday, folks! Let’s help you hurry in the weekend with a bit of random stuff about one of the YKLS productions (ok admittedly we were going through some old videos and hey let’s choose this).

    YKLS Period! In 2013!

    • After being with Young Choral Academy (and assistant music director for the YKLS) for yonks, this was the year Tracy headed off to Toronto in August to do her Masters, and bring a taste of cili padi to the Canadians.
    • Chi Hoe recently came back from the UK (gosh 7 years!) and was musical director for this production, bringing back a taste of European musical culture (evident in this production!).

    And I come to you now, at the turn of the tide

    • This is probably the only YKLS concert where all the music is public domain. That means you can find it at our YouTube channel (or, just it watch below)!
    • We’ve brought the show to Penang! Not the first time, though – that was Together As One back in 2009.


    • Speaking of performing in Penang, some of us stayed in the provided accommodations, some decided to stay in hotels. There was a supernatural experience at one of those hotels for some members – if we recall correctly it got curious at what the members tapau’ed back to the room.
    • Chi Hoe asked members to look for sonnets that they’d like to perform to incorporate into the production asides from the repertoire he’d already picked out.
    • Latin. French. German. English. Medieval English. Italian. Spanish. Languages we learnt to sing in this time.
    • During the concert week, post-concert a bunch of us would head to the tai chow (Sun Yau Tak Teng?) at Damansara Uptown for dinner. What started off with probably 3 tables joint together on Thursday night ended up with 5-6 tables for 28 people (almost all the choir members!) by Saturday night!

    And… that’s it for now. Period. Full stop. Go enjoy your weekend!

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  • Join Choir, Live Longer!

    Well, at least that’s true for a group of people participating in a choir in a Connecticut town, as found in the results of a joint study by Harvard and Yale Universities (2008). If that’s not enough to convince you, this article from CMUSE gives you a few more reasons to join choral singing.

    1. Strengthen feeling of togetherness. In today’s increasingly “me first” society, it is nice to find a tribe to belong to.
    2. Regulate heart rate. Fun fact – did you know that when a choir sings, the members’ hearts beat in unison? Reducing the variability of your heart rate can be good for your health.
    3. Reduce stress levels and depression. Group singing helps boost levels of oxytocin, which is a great stress-buster. Just what you need after a hectic day at work!

    The Young KL Singer’s 2017 season is starting on 9th Jan 2017, and boy, do we have an exciting year planned ahead! We look forward to welcoming new members to our group. Auditions are available for all male and female voice parts. Contact us for audition details!

    By: Edlyn Khoo


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  • YKLS Does The Bard

    This year, the Young KL Singers joined the arts and literary world in paying tribute to William Shakespeare, as part of a global celebration of his life and works 400 years after his death. A special collaborative project between YKLS and The Actors Studio, “YKLS Does The Bard” was held from 3rd to 6th Nov 2016 at Pentas 2, KLPAC. In a very intimate and contemporary cabaret-style setting, we presented 15 choral settings of Shakespearean text which explored the universal themes of life, love and loss. In between the music, our members shared personal reflections and stories based on the themes portrayed in the songs.

    tl;dr: Shakespeare raw and uncut, live and unplugged.



    Pic credit: Aldwin Lee


    Pic credit: Sha (KLPAC)


    Pic credit: Sha (KLPAC)


    Pic credit: Aldwin Lee  

    Written by: Edlyn Khoo 
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  • YKLS Christmas Countdown: 1 Day

    It’s one more day to the show! We’ve got an exciting line-up and fine-tuning it in preparation for tomorrow!

    And you’ll have the opportunity to take a bit of time off from Christmas shopping with the masses (unless you’ve already completed your Christmas shopping,  which then we’ll say, “Well done, you!”), come to Ruang, relax and be entertained, have a bite to eat and mingle, then when you’re fully recharged, head back to continue your Christmas shopping!

    In case you’re wondering where Ruang is located, here’s a map to get there!

    Ruang location

    As Ruang is located outside among the shoplots, we would advise that you come early to scout for parking spots. Don’t worry, YKLS members will be carpooling to free up bays for you!

    We’ll be seeing you tomorrow!

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  • YKLS Christmas Countdown: 3 Days

    The weekend is looming closer and it’ll soon be time to celebrate Christmas Around the World with us!

    Today let’s introduce you to the members who’ll be spreading the Christmas cheer!

    Christmas Around The World

    Catch us this Sunday at Ruang Subang Jaya at 3pm!

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