About The Choir

The Young KL Singers (YKLS) is a bunch of 40 people with a few things in common:

(1) We love singing!

(2) We see humour in everything.

(3) Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday night, we spend about two and a half hours or more perfecting our craft.

…But it’s all totally worth it.


So what are you really? 

Very simply, YKLS is a community choir. We’ve got teachers, consultants, central bankers, flight attendants, piano accompanists, voice healers, business owners, interior designers, mothers, students, yoga instructors, traders, pharmacists, et cetera – all of whom feel life would not be complete without spending three nights a week singing, harmonising and having fun doing it.

Wow! So, are you guys pros? Do you, like, write operas in the shower?

No, YKLS is a teaching choir. We learn singing techniques, how to read music, and bits and pieces of musical history and fun facts under the firm guiding hands of passionate, experienced teachers with a great sense of humour.

YKLS is housed under the Young Choral Academy (YCA), the very first choral music school in Malaysia. For more information on the amazing work YCA does and the people behind it, take a peek at the YCA website here.

What and where do you sing? Do you wear musty robes and look really serious?

Let’s start at the very beginning (wise words, Julie Andrews).  YKLS was founded in 2002 by Susanna Saw, a very visionary lady, and has been enthralling Malaysian audiences with music from all places and ages ever since.

YKLS is generally adventurous and we try a different genre of music each season. This basically means we sing anything and everything. Over 11 years and 17 concerts, we have gone from our deeply Malaysian roots to Broadway Musicals, European Renaissance Music and Asian Folk Music to contemporary Pop and Jazz.

We typically have one to two concerts per year (see Past Concerts). We also do smaller performances such as carolling as well as wedding and corporate gigs from time to time.

And no, we don’t wear robes! One can’t wear these things when one has to dance! Yes, we dance! We’re a show choir.

As for serious faces…


…Yeah, probably not so much.

Amagad can I join you guys?

Yes, of course you can! YKLS opens for auditions every December-January. Click here for more info.