Concert 2015: Illuminations

If a picture is a thousand words, music is a thousand pictures. Each rise and fall, each silence in beween is a feeling, an image, a memory.

Now if you close your eyes, would the music be different?

Would the colours burn brighter, clearer than ever?

Join us this 6th – 9th August as we go on a search for answers. Guided by an exquisite repertoire of music, we will be creating an atmosphere that will truly heighten the auditory senses and unleash your imagination!

Indicine @ KL Performing Arts Centre

Concert Times:
6 August 2015: 8pm & 9.30pm
7 August 2015: 8pm & 9.30pm
8 August 2015: 8pm & 9.30pm
9 August 2015: 1pm & 3pm

Ticket Prices:
Normal: RM40
Disabled / students: RM35 (walk-in only)

Tel: +603 4047 9000