Past Concerts

2015: YKLS Does The Bard

This year, the Young KL Singers joined the arts and literary world in paying tribute to William Shakespeare, as part of a global celebration of his life and works 400 years after his death. A special collaborative project between YKLS and The Actors Studio, “YKLS Does The Bard” was held from 3rd to 6th Nov 2016 at Pentas 2, KLPAC. In a very intimate and contemporary cabaret-style setting, we presented 15 choral settings of Shakespearean text which explored the universal themes of life, love and loss. In between the music, our members shared personal reflections and stories based on the themes portrayed in the songs.

3-6 November 2016
Pentas 2@KL Performing Arts Centre

YKLS 2016 YKLS Does The Bard Banner

2015: Illuminations

If a picture is a thousand words, music is a thousand pictures. Each rise and fall, each silence in between is a feeling, an image, a memory.

Now if you close your eyes, would the music be different?

Would the colours burn brighter, clearer than ever?

Join us as we go on a search for answers. Guided by an exquisite repertoire of music, we will be creating an atmosphere that will truly heighten the auditory senses and unleash your imagination!

6-9 August 2015
Indicine@KL Performing Arts Centre

YKLS 2015 Illuminations Poster

2014: Incantations

INCANTATIONS explores choral music inspired by ancient rituals and traditions. From rainsongs, war chants, spells to thunderstorms, join us as we pit the fragility of the human existence against the universe : powerful, alluring, and shrouded in mystery.

16-19 October 2014
DPAC Theatre (Damansara Performing Arts Centre)

7-9 November 2014
Stage 2@penangpac (Performing Arts Centre of Penang)


2013: Period

Reworking the sounds of the past for the modern world, from lute songs to rotas, court dances to madrigals. A contemporary look at vocal and choral music from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods of Europe and Latin America.

 17-20 October 2013
The Actors Studio@KuAsh Theatre TTDI

10-12 January 2014
Stage 2@penangpac


2012: YKLS Christmas Project


2012: Popzzical

The Young KL Singers celebrate 10 years with pop, jazz and musical theatre!

29 August  – 2 September 2012
The Actors Studio@Lot 10

Performed by Caipifruta.


2011: Together as One

Singing in various languages including Sanskrit, Latin, Arabic, French, Mandarin & English; the Young KL Singers takes the stage once again in this unique performance to honour all faiths through music. With an assortment of religion, race and background; the choir members come ‘Together As One’ to represent Malaysia’s different groups of faith and belief under a united choral voice to celebrate our country’s cultural diversity as true Malaysians.

9 – 13 November 2011
The Actors Studio@Lot 10


2010: Buatan Malaysia 2


2009: Rhythmic Roots

RHYTHMIC ROOTS is a journey through the various ethnicities and cultures of Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, China and India, and our indispensable contributions to our own cultural heritage. A Baba and Nyonya folksong, Malay and Indian traditional pieces, and songs tracing the development of Chinese culture in Malaysia from its mainland origins, are some of the highlights of this production.

12 – 15 November 2009
The Actors Studio@Lot 10


2008: Breakin’ It Down!

An upbeat and funky choral jazz performance featuring specially arranged works of Duke Ellington, Herbie Hancock, Billie Holiday and more.

30 October – 2 November 2008
Pentas 2@KLPAC (KL Performing Arts Centre)



2007: Move It!


2006: A Malaysian Affair (A Tapestry of Malaysian Songs)


2005: Goin’ Home


2005: Four Seasons


2005: Musical Treasures

2004: Beat It, Sing It!


2003: YKLS Sings Rodgers & Hammerstein


2003: Through The Barricades


2003: Simply Andrew Lloyd Webber


2002: Music Brings Us Together