Join Choir, Live Longer!

Well, at least that’s true for a group of people participating in a choir in a Connecticut town, as found in the results of a joint study by Harvard and Yale Universities (2008). If that’s not enough to convince you, this article from CMUSE gives you a few more reasons to join choral singing.

  1. Strengthen feeling of togetherness. In today’s increasingly “me first” society, it is nice to find a tribe to belong to.
  2. Regulate heart rate. Fun fact – did you know that when a choir sings, the members’ hearts beat in unison? Reducing the variability of your heart rate can be good for your health.
  3. Reduce stress levels and depression. Group singing helps boost levels of oxytocin, which is a great stress-buster. Just what you need after a hectic day at work!

The Young KL Singer’s 2017 season is starting on 9th Jan 2017, and boy, do we have an exciting year planned ahead! We look forward to welcoming new members to our group. Auditions are available for all male and female voice parts. Contact us for audition details!

By: Edlyn Khoo


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Illusion & Illuminations

We are excited and very pleased to announce that YKLS have been invited by Petronas to perform part of our Illuminations programme at the launch of the ‘Illusion’ exhibition at Petrosains on Thursday 10th Sept!

‘Illusion – Nothing Is As It Seems’ exhibition, developed by Dublin Science Museum is a part art, part science retrospective of specially created works which explores the phenomenon of the seen and unseen world in our eyes. The exhibition is currently touring around the world. Malaysia will be the first stop in Asia.

You can learn more about the Illusion exhibition at the Petrosains website here and at the Dublin Science Gallery website here, and watch a bit of what it is about in the video below!


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Happy 58th Independence Day!

Hello folks! The long weekend is coming! And with that, another year of independence! As with most Malaysians, the Young KL Singers will also be taking a break to celebrate Merdeka! So while we’re normally known for singing in public, we won’t have a performance this weekend – our next public performance would be to bring you some Christmas cheer!

And so, let’s take a look at how the Young KL Singers is a part of Malaysia (except that we aren’t 58 years old)!

Let us count the ways: Multiethnic. Multicultural. Multilingual. Welcoming. Truly Asia.

Multiethnic and multicultural…check.

While we’ve talked about how members of the Young KL Singers come from all professions, we haven’t really mentioned that the members aren’t necessarily Malaysians. To quote an old member:

Some of the “foreigners” that have sung in the YKLS include Bruno, Valentine and Amandine (French), Bruce and Sue (English), Gabrielle (Australian), Farah and Fakhry (Indonesian) and Rachel (American). I’m not including those with mixed parentages.

This quote was in 2006.

As far as this writer remembers, there is also Masako (Japanese), Tristan (Filipino), Sheena (Canadian) and Serene (Singaporean).

We may be the Young KL Singers, but we sure aren’t exclusive to just locals only:

A lot of YKLS members travel great distances to attend rehearsals. Chi Hoe travelled each week from Penang, and Sylvia each week from Ipoh. Other “long distance” travellers include Denise and May Yee from Kajang, and Yeow, Roy, Leonard and Hilda from Klang. The biggest group stays in Subang (commonly known as the Subang gang).


Another quote:

The different languages sung by the YKLS include:- Mandarin- Malay- English- Spanish- French- Swedish- Estonian- Mongolian (solely consisting of sha, ding, di & li)- Indian (solely consisting of na)- Hokkien- German- Maori- African- Japanese- some South American tribal language- nonsense language. The only major languages not attempted appears to be Arabic and Russian.

Again, that was 2006. We can now add Latin, Portuguese, Tagalog, Akan, Finish, Catalan, Norwegian, Hungarian to the mix.


Auditions are still going on! And you’re welcome to come watch our performances!

Truly Asia.

If only because there are mamak nights, dim sum dinners, durian buffet outings to show you our passion of food. But there’s also this: a song composed by an Ipohan (Tracy Wong), with lyrics from Kajang (Denise Kong), Bangsar (Annette Christie) and Kelantan (Ryonn Leong). And it does capture that Malaysian essence:

The result? Kami.

And with that, we’ll like to wish you Selamat Hari Merdeka and have a great weekend!

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