YKLS Christmas Countdown: 3 Days

The weekend is looming closer and it’ll soon be time to celebrate Christmas Around the World with us!

Today let’s introduce you to the members who’ll be spreading the Christmas cheer!

Christmas Around The World

Catch us this Sunday at Ruang Subang Jaya at 3pm!

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YKLS Christmas Countdown: 4 Days

It’s four more days to the show!

So here’s four random facts about YKLS and choir in general.

1. Four, Squared

There are four main vocal parts in a choir: soprano, alto, tenor and bass.

There was one time when even the four parts were further split into 4 parts each: Soprano 1a, Soprano 1b, Soprano 2a, Soprano 2b, Alto 1a, Alto 1b, Alto 2a, Alto 2b, Tenor 1a, Tenor 1b, Tenor 2a, Tenor 2b, Bass 1a, Bass 1b, Bass 2a and Bass 2b!

Try and guess which performance YKLS was in that had that many parts!

2. Rehearsing Four So Long

Not so long after our Illuminations production, members began rehearsals for Christmas Around The World. So there’s only four months to prepare for the production!

And for carolling the year before, we had four weeks!

3. Four Show Only

Christmas Around The World is the fourth gig this year! There’s been Danny Elfman’s Music from the Films of Tim Burton, Illuminations, and the Illusion exhibition at Petrosains earlier this year!

4. Four Ways to Buy

Check it! You can:

i. Call or send a text message to the numbers listed on the poster!

ii. Send an email to info@youngklsingers.com !

iii. Call or drop by Young Choral Academy to enquire (see contact details on the top header)!

iv. Leave a comment on this page with your contact details so we can get back to you!

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YKLS Christmas Countdown: 5 Days

It’s five more days until Christmas Around The World! And while waiting for the weekend, let’s have a little guessing game about the production!

As the name implies, YKLS will be bringing you nativity songs from around the world and not just the usual Christmas carols we’re all used to. Just as with our last Christmas production (The YKLS Christmas Project), the songs may not necessarily be in English – we introduced a few other carols in French, Spanish and even in English that’s not commonly heard here!

It’s certainly a pleasant change from what you’re treated to in shopping malls, that’s for sure.

So why not take an educated guess* as what language we’ll be performing in for you this time! Make a list and see if you got them right!


*if you know where to look, that is!
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